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Artist / Art director / The Heima. drummer /




Asuka Sakashita was born in Nagano Prefecture, in Japan.

She is a contemporary visual artist

ASUKA learned Arts by herself. She links various expressions into one, for example photography, picture, and digital in an unorthodox style.



Asuka presents the unlimited potential of human life, brightness, and magnificence in a consistent way through over more than 1000 works.

Her works strongly emphasise and endeavours to awaken the individual to the potential, brightness, and magnificence of each person's life through her works.


All her works are created by homespun perspective and objects.

Stunning, colourful artworks, and individual and dynamic sense of color, that is called “ASUKA colour” making the world of enchanted daily life.


This impressive colour attract her audiences. Her works have been chosen and shown in a large scale art festival that is held in Shinjyuku, Tokyo, September, 2017.

Shinjyuku Marui Men held an exhibition for the artist Asuka Sakashita, titled “365+ AS HAPPY MUSEUM” for two weeks from 29th August to 9th September, 2017, in partnership with  Tetsui Watanabe laboratory, Tokyo Media Art department, Takarazuka University.


At the moment, ASUKA holds a solo exhibition every year and continues creating her works.

Her art works are created as representing the everyday reality of  daily life, and they have a fabulousness of beautiful and shining life.

Her works make a strong appeal that the treasure of your life does not come from far away place but is just around you, and in you.


And she also playing drums as a member of Japanese rock band "The Heima."





Artist / Art director / The Heima. drummer /
アーティスト / アートディレクター / The Heima. ドラマー /

2014年に自身の作品を使ったブランド「ASUKA SAKSHITA」を立ち上げる。






The Heima.のドラマー、デザイナーとしても活躍中。
The Heima.」



      2016 アトリエハルにて個展開催

      2017 新宿 マルイメンにて個展開催

        2018 新宿 マルイメンにて個展開催